First Vita Plus FAQs

1. What specific diseases can FIRST VITA PLUS cure?

First Vita Plus is PREVENTIVE in nature and the presence of micronutrients, fibers, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and anti-oxidants ensure that the body is well-protected against sickness or diseases, that the immune system is strengthened by the unique and powerful combination of the five herbs and that the wellness, wholeness and balance of the body are maintained. The formula is simple and easy to remember: VITA PLUS = LESS DISEASES.

2. Can a person suffering from diabetes take FIRST VITA PLUS? What about those undergoing medication and/or insulin shots?

Diabetics (whether or not undergoing medication) are advised to drink the FIRST VITA PLUS unsweetened or sugar free variant.

3. Can persons with a family history of diabetes drink FIRST VITA PLUS?

Yes. FIRST VITA PLUS will not cause diabetes.

4. Is there a limit to drinking FIRST VITA PLUS?

No. There is no overdose in drinking First Vita Plus.

5. Can an infant drink FIRST VITA PLUS?

Infants from seven months and older can enjoy the benefits of FIRST VITA PLUS. A suggested preparation is for the granules to be sprinkled (budbod) over lugaw.

6. Can FIRST VITA PLUS substitute daily vitamins or supplements?

Yes. FIRST VITA PLUS is a vitamin-in-a-drink. It contains vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, micro-nutrients, fibers and anti-oxidants in an easy to drink and convenient preparation.

7. Can FIRST VITA PLUS substitute fruits and vegetables?

Yes. It contains the nutritional benefits of the 5 medicinal herbs + 1 (dalandan).

8. Can FIRST VITA PLUS be drunk in hot or cold preparations?

You can enjoy the goodness of FIRST VITA PLUS either hot or cold. In the morning and especially on an empty stomach, it can replace your usual coffee and drank steaming hot or lukewarm. Other cold preparations include shakes, smoothies, cocktail drinks, etc.

9. Can a person suffering from kidney stones drink FIRST VITA PLUS?

Yes. The calcium content of FIRST VITA PLUS is just the right amount for the body and is in its natural state (not artificial).

10. Does FIRST VITA PLUS contain any synthetic or artificial flavoring?

No. It is 100 % all natural.

11. What is the recommended dose or intake of FIRST VITA PLUS for those who suffer from hypertension?

Ideally, Those suffering from hypertension or who have suffered from a stroke should drink FIRST VITA PLUS three to five times a day.

12. What is the shelf life of FIRST VITA PLUS once the sachet has been opened and the drink mixed?

You have 48 hours to drink FIRST VITA PLUS. For best results, keep the mixture refrigerated.

13. What is the recommended daily intake for those suffering from ulcer?

Persons suffering from ulcer are advised to drink FIRST VITA PLUS once a day.

14. Does FQ Plus through FIRST VITA PLUS have its own plantation of herbs to ensure its steady supply and high quality?

Our Team of Herbalists, for more than 10 years, encouraged the planting and production of locally grown herbs by farmers from Cavite, Cebu, Davao, etc. However, only those who passed the heavy metal soil test have been accredited as qualified suppliers or planters. This means that the soil in which the herbs are planted should have no artificial fertilizers or pesticides. They must not contain lead, arsenic, cadmium or mercury. Testing is usually done through the Provincial and Regional offices of the Department of Agriculture.

15. Can a child who is sick with dengue fever drink FIRST VITA PLUS?


16. What are the common names of the five herbs?

Moringa is malunggay. Ipomoea is talbos ng kamote. Amarantus is colitis or uray. Corchorus is saluyot. Capsicum is dahon ng sili.

17. Will eating these vegetables produce the same effect as drinking FIRST VITA PLUS?

No. FIRST VITA PLUS has concentrated and natural herbs potently combined to produce maximum benefits to the body. It is a vitamin in a drink, packed with all the nutrients the body needs for its daily sustenance and for disease prevention.

18. What is the difference of FIRST VITA PLUS from green tea?

Green tea is primarily an anti-oxidant while FIRST VITA PLUS contains ALL the vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, phytochemicals, fibers and anti-oxidants that the body needs. FIRST VITA PLUS is more than an anti-oxidant because it provides the body with nutritional benefits that can only be found in one-of-a-kind combination of 5 power herbs.

19. Can a person suffering from asthma drink FIRST VITA PLUS? Can it be combined with any other medications?

Yes. FIRST VITA PLUS can be combined with any other medicine and can be taken anytime of the day.

20. What is the competitive edge of FIRST VITA PLUS?

FIRST VITA PLUS is the first medicinal herbal drink in the Philippines and is the first in the world. This is the first time that the 5 herbs are combined to produce unique benefits to the body and it contains no artificial or synthetic components that can cause any side effects. Best of all, it is in a delicious, convenient and easy preparation that is perfect in today’s busy world. Instead of drinking other energy drinks that are caffeine-rich, drink FIRST VITA PLUS for a guaranteed healthy advantage.

21. Who is the formulator of First Vita Plus?

 Dr. Jaime Galvez Z. Tan is a former Secretary of the Department of Health. He served as Undersecretary and Chief of Staff of the Department of Health from 1992 to 1994.Prior to that time, he held senior positions at the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), both at the national and the regional levels.

Earlier, Dr. Galvez Tan served as a rural health physician and trainer. He has been a consultant for UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), The World Bank (WB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and has been a Bill Gates Fellow since 2002.



  • Anti-stress
  • Anti-anemia
  • Anti-aging
  • Regulates bowel movement, good for digestion, cleanses digestive system.
  • Cleans urinary, circulatory, and digestive system
  • Maintains normal blood pressure.
  • Remedy for asthma, arthritis, insomnia, cardiovascular problems, nervousness, cardiovascular problems, skin problems, depression
  • Enhances immunity against diseases
  • Maintains and enhances your health, wellness and well-being
  • Provides energy boost and stamina to fight daily stress
  • Regulates, normalizes and balances the different body systems
  • Rebuild weak bones
  • Good for treating heavy menstrual periods, Menstrual cramps
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Good for diabetic patients
  • Good recovery for patients suffering from strokes.
  • Good substitute for persons not eating vegetables or fruits.
  • Good for the Skin and Eyes, for varicose veins.
  • Good expectorant for getting rid of phlegm
  • Removes toxins from the body, helps prevents ulcer.
  • Remedy for Fever, Nausea, Stomach distress.
  • Convalescence (gradual return to good health after an illness or medical treatment or the period spent recovering ).
  • Bactericide ( destroys bacteria )
  • Remedy for colds, fever, nausea, runny nose.
  • Aphrodisiac (something that arouses or intensifies sexual desire ).
  • Tonic ( to feel stronger, more energetic, and generally healthier )
  • Diuretic (causing increased flow of urine )
  • Good for Urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Liver disorder remedy
  • Nourishes breast fed babies, lactagogue (Increases the flow of breast milk for woman)
  • Helps fight and prevent Cancer.


The Power of First Vita Plus

Vitamins and Minerals

Complete line of Vit A , Vit B,Vit C, Nicotinic acid, Tocopherol, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Calcium Potassium, Iron, Copper, Iodine, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Chlorine, Sulfur Manganese, Zinc Provide virtually no energy but are the essential cofactors for metabolism to function. Micronutrients are primarily vitamins (e.g., vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K), minerals (such as calcium and phosphorous), and trace elements (such as iron, zinc, selenium, and manganese). Although these are required in very small amounts in the diet, they are nevertheless key dietary components. The processes of growth, energy production, and many other normal functions would not occur without them. Insufficient intake of either can lead to problems.

Micronutrients and Macronutrients

Macronutrients of which the body requires relatively large amounts: calories, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, fatty acids, cholesterol, protein, amino acids, and water energy production, and many other normal functions would not occur without them. Insufficient intake of either can lead to problems.


Soluble fiber found in First Vita Plus combines with water to form a gel in our intestinal tracts, which softens our stools and slows the rate of food that passes through our digestive systems. Insoluble fiber can be found in vegetables and wheat bran. This fiber tends to bulk in size when absorbing water, thus accelerating the rate at which food passes through our systems Moringa : 0.9 g/100gm, Corchorus: 1.7-2.0 g/100 g, Amaranthus: 9.8-10.4%


Antioxidants are substances that may protect cells from the damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. Free radical damage may lead to cancer. Antioxidants interact with and stabilize free radicals and may prevent some of the damage free radicals otherwise might cause. Vitamin E, Quadruple Betacarotene, Citric acid, flavonoids


Phytochemicals are non-nutritive plant chemicals that have protective or disease preventive properties. There are more than thousand known phytochemicals. It is well-known that plant produce these chemicals to protect itself but recent research demonstrate that many phytochemicals can protect humans against diseases. Amino acids, beta sitosterol, pectinesterase, thiocyanate, Capsaicin, Solanine, Capsicin, volatile oils fixed oils, entosans, Pectin, volatile oil – citral, geraniol, d-camphene, d-limonene, d-linolool anthranilic acid, linalyn acetate, indol, stachydine, hesperidin

23. What are the 5 Power Herbs and their health benefits?

a)      MORINGA OLEIFERA (malunggay)

Gram for gram, it contains:

  • 7 times the Vitamin C in oranges
  • 4 times the Vitamin A in carrots
  • 4 times the Calcium in milk
  • 2 times the Protein in milk
  • 3 times the Iron in spinach
  • 3 times the Potassium in bananas
  • It can rebuild weak bones and nourish breastfed babies. (pampadagdag ng gats sa nagpapadedeng ina)
  • Effective against CANCER, ANEMIA. (Kulang sa Dugo)
  • CONSTIPATION (maiwasan ang pagdumi ng matigas)
  • DIARRHEA (panlaban sa nagtatae)
  • Has antibiotic properties against skin infections.
  • Doctors Use it to treat DIABETES in West Africa and HIghblood Pressure in India.

b)      CAPSICUM FRUTESCENS (Dahon ng Sili)

  • An excellent source of Calcium and Iron, a good source of Phosporous and Vitamins A and B.
  • ANTI-FATIGUE (panlaban sa sobrang pogod)
  • BOOST IMMUNITY (pampalakas ng resistensya)
  • Improves METABOLISM
  • Increases APPETTITE (pampagana sa pagkain)
  • Improves DIGESTION
  • BLOOD DETOXIFICATION (panglinis ng dugo)
  • CIRCULATORY STIMULANT ( Magiging maayos ang daloy ng dugo)
  • Lowers Blood Sugar
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Relieves the pain of PEPTIC ULCER (pananakit ng sikmura), ARTHRITIS (pananakit ng muscle), VARICOSE VEINS (sakit sa pamamaga ng ugat), and MENSTRUAL CRAMPS (pananakit ng puson)
  • ANTI-RHEUMATIC (laban sa rayuma)
  • Relieves Respiratory conditions (nagpapaginhawa sa paghinga) such as ASTHMA, COUGH and COLDS (hika)

c)      CORCORUS OLITORIUS (Saluyot)

  • Rich in Vitamins, Carotinoids, Calcium, Potassium and Dietary Fibers.
  • Known in Japan as Anti-stress, comes in capsule form.
  • DEMULCENT (maiwasan ang pagdumi ng matigas)
  • LACTAGOGUE (nagpapadami ng gatas ng ina)
  • PURGATIVE (pamurga sa bulate)
  • TONIC (pampasigla)
  • It may also be a remedy for  DYSENTERY/ENTERITIS (pagtatae o LBM) DYSPEPSIA (kabag), FEVER (lagnat) abnd PECTORAL PAINS (pananakit ng balakang at likod).
  • It may reduce risk of CANCER and TUMOR, ASCITES(paglaki ng tiyan dahil sa sakit sa atay), PILES o ALMORANAS (lumalaking ugat sa puwit).
  • CARMINATIVE (relieves flatulence or utot ng utot)
  • UTI/CYSTITIS (namamagang pantog)
  • DYSURIA (nahihirapang umihi)

d)      AMARANTHUS SPINOSUS (kulitis)

  • Rich in Calcium, Riboflavin, Folate, Vitamin A, B^ and C. Good source Dietary Fiber and dietary Minerals such as iron, Magnesium, Phosporous and Copper.
  • It is a good EXPECTORANT
  • Effective ASTRINGENT especially in stopping liquid bowels
  • DIURETIC (pampa-ihi)
  • LAXATIVE (nakakatulongsa pagdumi)
  • HEMOSTATIC (nakapagpapahinto ng pagdurugo)
  • Locally, it has been reported that a decoction of the root relieves one breathing from ACUTE BRONCHITIS.

e)      IPOMOEA BATATAS (Talbos ng Kamote)

  • The only plant with Iodine. High in Calories and Vitamin A.
  • Lowers BLOOD SUGAR and CHOLESTEROL in patients with type 2 DIABETES.
  • It may also be a remedy for CONSTIPATION, STOMACH DISTRESS (Kumukulong tiyan, impasto o di natunawan ng pagkain).


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